Killarney Community League will have The upstairs Lounge and Main Hall available to rent, and we are still taking a safe approach at this time and we will have some Covid restrictions in place at this time, we will be carefully still Renting at 50% capacity of the fire code and renters will be expected to follow all the restrictions that were set in place by Killarney Community League Board. The Killarney Cleaning Staff will clean and disinfect/sanitize all areas of the facility after each and every Function or Venue to ensure Hall will be safe and clean and sanitized for the next Customer and their Guests . There will still be hand washing stations setup throughout the facility for sanitizing and we will be monitoring the future outcome of this pandemic reopening on a daily basis as we Killarney Community League decided to still be proactive at this time and the Board has decided as a safe measure is to minimize the risk of the health and safety to all of our Community and guests . If interested in the hall rentals or more Information you can call our Hall Manager @ 780-4752029 or email

Thank you .